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Unique Sponsorship Offered to Dirt Track Racers

Posted by Joe Willy on

SPONSORSHIP * Only 16 Positions Remaining

May 23, 2018 | Red Bank, TN - Our program is NOT a traditional sponsorship where we write you a check. Team Dirt Dog is a motorsports marketing partnership designed to help local and regional racers with a combination of media exposure and merchandising. We offer a unique, product sponsorship with Dirt Dog merchandise (30-50% wholesale discount) plus numerous, free services to help advance your career.

If you are accepted, your job is to act as our brand ambassador and make yourself some money by selling Dirt Dog Gear at your races. You buy wholesale, sell at retail and keep the profit each night. We can even replace our logo with your name/car # or team logo to turn all of our Dirt Dog designs into your personal, driver's apparel. In exchange for helping us grow our brand, we’ll help you grow yours. We provide you with the added credibility of a national sponsor, contingency awards for Feature wins, bonus incentives, tools and coaching for how to get more sponsors and increase your name recognition with sponsored PR on our social media.

You're not going to get rich selling t-shirts, but if we can help you pay for fuel and/or tires each night, we're ahead of the game. What makes our program unique is that, if you are accepted, we allow you to choose from over 2,000,000 options and buy ANY quantity of each garment or product at wholesale pricing. To do this, we require a minimum, initial merchandise investment of $500.

If this sounds interesting, get your application in ASAP. We will begin interviewing later this week on a “first to apply” basis. We will consider any dirt racer in any division, anywhere on the planet, but are very particular about who we work with. Learn more and apply at:

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