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Even the Great Ones Have Limits...

Posted by Joe Willy on

The late, great journalist, Chris Economaki become friends and colleagues with Jackie Stewart while at ABC. Here’s what Economaki said about Stewart and Sprint Cars in "LET ‘EM ALL GO" - the wonderful book he wrote with Dave Argabright.

“We were strolling through the pit area (at Ascot, CA) when A.J. Watson, the famed, championship car builder and crew chief, spotted us and waved us over. He was tending to a sprint car that night.

“ ‘Hey Jackie’, he grinned, motioning to the cockpit, ‘my driver has given up for the night and I have the seat open. Why don’t you drive for me?’

“‘Forgot me helmet’, he said in his perfect Scottish brogue.

“‘That’s all right’, Watson needled. ‘We have a helmet for you.’

“‘Forgot me balls, too,’ said Jackie.”

~ from the book "LET ‘EM ALL GO" by Chris Economaki with Dave Argabright

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