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About Us

Welcome to the new,
Team Dirt Dog marketplace!

Now, your purchase directly supports the track, racer or series of your choosing!  Just find your favorite(s) and shop away!  Each store features a different selection of custom apparel and Dirt Dog Gear favorites.  Proceeds are shared with each driver, track or series when you make a purchase from their store, even if you buy from multiple stores in one order.  So far in 2023, we've sponsored a 41 year old, WoO LM Series Rookie, saved an abandoned race track and launched a racing school.  Look for more Team Dirt Dog projects and partners to be announced soon!  

Team Dirt Dog is owned and operated by racers, for racers.

OUR MISSION IS SIMPLE!  Since our humble beginnings in 2009, all we ever wanted to do was promote, sponsor and report on dirt track racing around the world.  We started as Dirt Dog TV, looking to build the first IPTV network for dirt motorsports.  After blowing through a bunch of money and realizing we were years away from turning a profit, we needed to generate some revenue to keep the brand alive.  So, we made a t-shirt, and it sold out.  Then we made another and another and they all sold out.  Today, after many ups, downs and lessons learned the hard way, we now provide a combination of media, marketing and merchandising services for teams, tracks, series and organizations in the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. 

We work very hard to ensure that our apparel has an attitude, quality and style all its own.  We lead, while others follow.  Since launching Dirt Dog Gear, lots of folks have tried to copy us and even blatantly plagiarized our designs, but none have lasted long.  Why?  Because they were only in it to line their pockets and didn't care at all about our sport.  We've lasted 14 years because we live, breathe and bleed dirt track racing every day. We, are you.

We're a Different Breed!

After eight years in Chattanooga, TN, Team Dirt Dog is now part of the Toolbox Tees™ family of brands and has relocated to Elk City, OK USA.  If you are ever dissatisfied with any of our products for any reason, just contact us and we will quickly replace it or refund your money... it's that simple. 

Thank You for stopping by!
Joe McConnell