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Welcome to the new, Team Dirt Dog store! 

We changed things up!  Now, every purchase directly supports the track or racer of your choice!  This is what we've been working towards for years with more Team Dirt Dog tracks, teams and series to be added weekly beginning in Feb. 2023.  

OUR MISSION IS SIMPLE; promote, sponsor, support and report on dirt track racing around the world.  Team Dirt Dog is owned and operated by racers, for racers to provide proven merchandising and marketing opportunities for teams, tracks and series in the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. 

We work very hard to ensure that our apparel has a quality and style all its own.  We lead, others follow.  Since starting with Dirt Dog Gear in 2012, lots of people have tried to copy us, but none have succeeded.  Why?  Because they were only in it to line their pockets.  We live and breathe dirt track racing every day. We, are you.

We're a different breed.