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Fauver Racing Xperience

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Want to Drive a Real Race Car?
Elk City Motorsports Park • Oklahoma

USRA Tuner

4 Cylinder Engine • Front Wheel Drive • Auto Transmission • Top Speed at ECMP 70mph


USRA Ltd. Modified 

V8 Engine • 400hp • Rear Wheel Drive • Auto Transmission • Top Speed at ECMP 90mph


Outlaw 410 Sprint Car

V8 Engine • 850+hp • Rear Wheel Drive • No Transmission • Direct Drive • Push to Start • Top Speed at ECMP 120mph



From Thrill Rides to Advanced Driver & Crew Training to fully crewed, Arrive & Drive, Pro Racing Services, the Fauver Racing Xperience can help you achieve your motorsports goals in multiple car types.  FRX offers a variety of programs in USRA Tuners (hornet), USRA Ltd. Modifieds (B-mod/Sport Mod) plus 305ci, 360ci & 410ci Winged and Traditional Sprint Cars.  USAC/POWRi Midgets will be added in 2025.  These are not “look-a-like” or movie prop cars.  You’ll drive real, competitive race cars, set up and tuned the same way we race them!  We do not restrict or govern you or the car in any way unless you are driving in an unsafe manor.  All FRX programs require an additional, cash or credit card damage deposit which are listed at the bottom of this page and on the registration form.  The minimum age to drive is 12 years old.


Thrill Rides:  10-15 laps • 2-3hrs 

For those that just want to feel the power!  You will attend a brief classroom session and be one of the first to “strap in” when your group moves to the track.  After two slow, orientation laps, you’ll get the stated number of laps at whatever speed you are comfortable.  The awesome power and performance of a real race car is a sensation you’ll never forget!  Stand on it if you dare!

USRA Tuner                            15 laps       $195

USRA Ltd. Modified               15 laps       $395

850hp 410 Sprint Car             10 laps       $495

Triple Thrill Ride*                    45 laps      $995
*Drive all three cars & get 15 laps in each car!  

NOTE:  Except for Thrill Rides, all programs utilize in-helmet, RACEceiver™ radio instruction to enhance your learning on the track. 


Dirt Track Racer:  35+ laps • 4+hrs

Learn driving techniques, basic car set up and racing strategies in the classroom.  Then, put the theory to work on the track during 35 laps of seat time.  Your two 10 lap sessions and a final 15 lap “Main Event” will be scrutinized by our expert instructors.  You will receive a personal evaluation after each session to improve your technique and increase your speed.  Yes, they expect you to take it easy for the first few circuits, but you could be running at race speed by the end of the final session. Can you handle it?


USRA Tuner                              35 laps       $395

USRA Ltd. Modified                 35 laps       $695

850hp 410 Sprint Car               35 laps       $995

Double Dirt Xperiences (4-6 hours):

Tuner & Ltd. Mod                    70 laps       $995
Sprint Car & Ltd. Mod            70 laps     $1,595

Triple Dirt Xperience (6-8hrs)    95 laps       $1,795
Drive all 3 cars!  Tuner = 10+15 laps • Ltd. Mod = 10+10+15 laps • Sprint 10+10+15 laps

Introduction to Race Craft:  80+ laps • 8hrs

For those who truly want to test their limits, this class includes all the theory and track time you’ll need to determine if you’ve got what it takes!  Based on your progress throughout the day, 80+ laps are divided into four to six 10 lap sessions plus one or two, 15-20 lap “Mains”.  This number of laps is sure to challenge both your mental and physical abilities in a race car.  Every lap is monitored by your instructor(s) with performance improving tips given after each session.  If the student is qualified, this class may also include on-track instruction with multiple cars (student in one, instructor in another).  This prepares the student for actual racing with work on rolling starts and passing.  At the discretion of your instructor(s), successful completion of this course can make you eligible for our Arrive & Drive Pro Race Services for an actual professional race.  Are you ready?

USRA Tuner                            $995 (includes food & beverage at track)

USRA Ltd. Modified             $1,995 (includes food & beverage at track)

850hp 410 Sprint Car          $2,595 (includes food & beverage at track)


Advanced Race Car Set-up:    8+ hrs

Your Car or Our Car • Bring your crew chief!

This full day advanced course is for serious racers looking to improve their overall knowledge and performance.  You may use your race car, fuel, tires, etc., or a school car.  The intense classroom session is up to 90 minutes of mechanical theory, speed secrets and set up tips.  Students using their own car are allowed one driver and up to three crew members in the classroom.  Students using the schools’ cars are allowed one driver and one crew member in the classroom.  Each team’s car will be set up “off the blocks” with our expert instructors, then it’s on to the track for a full day of testing.  The focus of instruction will be car set up, race craft, qualifying and team communication.  We only run one car on the track at a time to allow each student to focus entirely on what their car is doing. Our instructors will teach mechanics and drivers how to “get on the same page” to accurately diagnose handling problems, then suggest changes for individual driving styles.  You will go faster!

Your Car:                               $995 (includes food & beverages for up to 4 people)


Our Car:

USRA Tuner                            $1,295 (includes food & beverages for 2 people)

USRA Ltd. Modified               $2,395 (includes food & beverages for 2 people)

850hp 410 Sprint Car             $2,995 (includes food & beverages for 2 people)


Advanced 2 Day: 

Race Craft + Advanced Set Up programs combined = 160+ Laps in our cars
Price includes meals during track time but does not include lodging.  Ask about our special rates for local hotels.

USRA Tuner                           $1,995 (includes food & bev. for 2 people both days)

USRA Ltd. Modified              $3,995 (includes food & bev. for 2 people both days)

850hp 410 Sprint Car           $5,495 (includes food & bev. for 2 people both days)

Pro Driver Development

Arrive & Drive • Pro Race Services


If you want to win races, you can spend a lot of money buying a race car, truck, and trailer. Then you’ll need tools, a shop, a crew and lots of spare parts or… YOU CAN RACE WITH US! 

Our goal is to allow qualified drivers an opportunity to live a dream and/or pursue driver development by stepping up a class, in quality equipment, without breaking the bank.

Once a driver has satisfactorily completed the Introduction to Race Craft or Advanced Set Up Class (as a driver) or can show sufficient, prior racing experience, that individual is eligible (at the discretion of FRX staff) to drive a fully prepared, ready to win, race car in sanctioned races at select tracks.

Arrive & Drive racers must be approved by FRX staff. Anyone who has not recently completed an advanced FRX school program or can not provide proof of adequate racing experience may be required to complete a 40 lap practice session (in Elk City, OK) prior to your desired race date. The 40 lap practice fee is only $500 (1/2 price) for Arrive & Drive clients because we need to know that you can get up to speed and control the car.  If you fail to do that in the 40 lap session, we will require you to successfully complete one of our FRX school programs before entering a pro race with our cars. If you are not approved after your 40 lap practice session, you may apply your Arrive & Drive reservation deposit (less the $500 practice fee) towards an FRX school program or possibly an Arrive & Drive event in a lower division.

The "Arrive & Drive" fee includes a first-class car, complete crew, fuel, tires, and everything you need to win. You show up, hot lap, qualify, race, and keep all prize money!  The price does not include the driver’s personal safety equipment, travel costs or any expenses arising from crash damage to the racecar.  In addition to the service fee, a refundable deposit is required for potential crash damage. Discounts, branding and/or sponsor hospitality services are available for multi-car or multi-race contracts. ARE YOU READY TO RACE?

Please see "Arrive & Drive" Reservation icon at the bottom of this page for available dates.  All fees listed below require an additional, cash or card damage deposit. The amount of damage deposit required may vary with event type.

Fees at Elk City Motorsports Park:

USRA Tuner                         $395

USRA Ltd. Modified             $995

305 Winged Sprint Car        $1,250

Fees at Other Tracks:

USRA Tuner                                                             starting at $595

USRA Ltd. Modified                                                starting at $1,395

305 Winged Sprint Car (any RACEsaver event) starting at $1,995

360 Winged Sprint Car (ASCS Regional & National events) starting at $2,995

410 Winged Sprint Car (WoO, High Limit, & ASCS Outlaw Sprint Series) starting at $4,995

Prices may increase based on travel distance, sanctioning body, tire rules, etc.  Additional, cash or credit card damage deposit required. 

The Race Cars

USRA Tuner:  Front wheel drive, 4 cylinder cars like a Chevy Cobalt.  Automatic transmission.  Top speed at ECMP is 60-70mph.

USRA Ltd. Modified:  Rear wheel drive w/ V8 engines producing up to 420hp.  Automatic transmission.  Top speed at ECMP is 80-90mph.

305ci, 360ci & 410ci Sprint Cars:  All three classes can look identical to the untrained eye because they can all use the same frames with nearly identical looking wings and suspensions.  While there are differences in the weight requirements and what shocks & tires are allowed, the primary difference between the three, full size, sprint car divisions is the displacement and construction of the engines.  This includes what heads and blocks are allowed (steel or aluminum) and the resulting horsepower.  Our sprint cars are all powered by GM based, fuel injected, V8 engines running on methanol producing roughly 450hp, 725hp & 850hp respectively.  305 top speed at ECMP is 105mph.  360 top speed at ECMP is 115-120mph.  410 top speed at ECMP is unknown, but we’re gonna find out! 

Corporate & Group Programs

Tired of Golf Tournaments or Boring Presentations?

Put your VIPs in the driver’s seat for an event they’ll never forget!

The Fauver Racing Xperience offers many unique opportunities for corporate clients and groups.  Any group of over 10 people may opt for enhanced catering and hospitality services.  Businesses may also wish to incorporate the excitement of motorsports into specialized business training and/or team building exercises.  With over forty years of sales and marketing experience, FRX management can design custom seminars and activities to accomplish most educational and motivational goals. You will create high-quality, long-lasting impressions by delivering your marketing and human resources messaging at the racetrack!

What can we help you achieve? 

  • Hiring Bonuses / Employee Retention
  • Customer Loyalty Rewards
  • Social Media Content & Promotions
  • Corporate Entertainment / Hospitality
  • Driving Traffic to Your Store (physical & online)
  • Team Building / Sales Incentives

Driving a Race Car is a Great Prize/Reward!

Private Race Parties

Forget the Go-Kart track, we’ll let you race up to four USRA Tuners!  Do it just once for bragging rights or we can create a competition bracket and crown a champion!  Run 10, 15 or 20 lap “no contact” races with pricing starting at just $995 plus a $1,500 damage deposit for a four car, 10 lap race.  Discounts available for packages of more than four races in a day.  Food & beverage service available.

Your Branding or Special Message

Add extra impact and photo opportunities by having our FRX race car(s) lettered with your logo or special message.  Branding provides added promotional value on the day of the program and can be used by your marketing and sales departments forever.  Call for quotes.

Your Race Car for a Single Event

For companies seeking an extraordinary marketing and hospitality opportunity, we suggest combining a day at FRX with a night at the races.  Imagine the thrill of your group watching your racecar(s) compete in a professional race on Saturday night, then allowing everyone to strap in and drive the exact same racecar(s) on the same track the very next day!  We can make that happen.  You can capture all the excitement in photos and video for future promotions and incentives.  Additionally, this strategy can create local, regional, and even national media attention by tying it into various charitable ventures.  Single event corporate partnership is a very cost-effective way for businesses to test drive the power of motorsports marketing.  Rates start as low as $1,000 per car per event, call for details.  

The Staff

Rod Fauver 
Crew Chief & Lead Instructor

Rod’s skills have taken him around the world as a hired gun mechanic and Crew Chief for top tier sprint car teams in North America and Australia.  As a car owner, Fauver has had some of the biggest names in the business in his seats.  Running up to three sprint cars a night on dirt and pavement, Rod has broken track records and found victory lane on two continents with Swindell, Johnson, Dollansky, Tiner, Allard, Wilskey and many more. 

Beginning with an early childhood education from the legend, Doug Wolfgang, Rod has spent most of his life immersed in dirt track racing.  Working his way through the ranks, the young mechanic earned a reputation for his unique ability to accurately diagnose the primary issue(s) holding a car or driver back.  Rod also developed a gift for communication and being able to interpret what a driver tells him about the car.  Racers and mechanics often have very different opinions about what the car is doing on the track… and why it’s acting that way.  As a direct result of his time with Wolfgang, Fauver’s best talent may be his ability to pinpoint the disconnect and clearly articulate how to fix it without causing three new problems in the process.

In our sport, it is very common for racers and mechanics to spend entire careers “chasing their tails” because they fail to identify the core issue(s) that cause(s) the detrimental behavior from car or driver.  They attempt to fix problems that are 1, 2 or even 3 reactions after the real issue.  For any given performance problem, there are usually several possible ways to improve it.  What separates consistent frontrunners from everyone else is their ability to choose the one solution that doesn’t cause a different problem somewhere else.  This applies to cars and drivers… and on this topic, Fauver is an expert.    

Joe McConnell 
Instructor, Sales & Hospitality

While Rod oversees everything to do with the cars and racetrack, his business partner tackles different responsibilities.  Like Fauver, McConnell also brings decades of motorsports experience as a driver, promoter, flagman, announcer, motorsports marketing agent and more.  Relative to your FRX program, Joe’s talents lie in helping the less experienced feel comfortable and prepared to strap into a race car.  McConnell teaches the classroom portion of each program and manages FRX sales, marketing, scheduling, hospitality, customer relations, merchandising and whatever else is needed to make your day at the track an exceptionally good time!

Our Home Track

Elk City Motorsports Park is a big, wide, medium banked, 3/8mi dirt speedway sitting on 58 acres adjacent to Interstate 40, approximately halfway between Oklahoma City and Amarillo, TX.  ECMP is a “driver’s track”.  The shape and size of the track are ideal for beginners and seasoned racers alike.  Rookies carry speed without too much risk of getting over their heads and the three groove turns provide more experienced throttle jockeys with a wealth of high-level learning about set ups, tuning and race craft. 

• 5612 W 20th St. Elk City, OK 73644 •




Age restrictions?   
Our insurance covers drivers down to 12 years old.  There is no senior age limit.  You may bring family & friends to watch!  To enter the pits or drive, minors under 18 years must have a legal, custodial parent or guardian present at the track to sign waivers, releases, and a liability agreement. 

Young racers interested in our Arrive & Drive - Pro Race Services at tracks other than ECMP should check with that track’s management to see about any age restrictions they may impose.

Body size restrictions?

We have numerous sizes of seats to accommodate most humans, but you must be able to safely enter and exit a vehicle with NO DOORS.  Plus size individuals are ok up to roughly 5’10” @ 320lbs.  If you are any shorter and around that weight or around 5’10” but heavier, it could be an issue.  Persons under 5’ tall or over 6’5” may have difficulty fitting in the car correctly.  However, we will make every possible adjustment and accommodation to make it work for you. 

Rainouts or What if I can’t make it?

Except for damage deposits, all payments to FRX are non-refundable.  But no worries, your reservation deposit, program fee or gift certificate never expires and is fully transferable to any future, FRX date or another eligible person.  No refunds of reservation deposits, program fees or gift certificates given. 

It’s Oklahoma… What About Weed?

Don’t come stoned!  If we suspect you are intoxicated or impaired in any manner, even from prescription medication, we will immediately suspend your driving privileges and you will need to come back another day to complete your program.  We’re not trying to be weed Nazis, but our insurance company is very serious about this issue.  If FRX staff concludes that you are not safe to drive a racecar at your scheduled time, that’s final.  There is no appeal and your opinion will not matter.  Got it?  Good.

What if I crash the car?

OMG!  What’s the matter with you?  Just kidding!  Spinouts are common and usually result in no damage.  Crashes (where the racecar impacts something else) are very rare, but they can happen.  Our first priority is your wellbeing!  Once we know you are OK, we’ll get to work assessing the damage to the car, facility and/or any other vehicles or equipment that may be involved, the total cost of repairing said damage and the reason(s) for the crash.  The decision of FRX personnel on these matters is final.  If the total cost of repairing all damage exceeds your damage deposit, you will be required to pay the balance due or sign a payment agreement before leaving the track.  Failure to do so may result in your credit card being charged for the total amount due.  Usually, your damage deposit will be enough to cover the cost of repairs.  Typically, we can repair a car fairly quickly.  In the rare event that we can’t repair the car and don’t have a functional spare, you will have the option of completing your laps in a different car type or at a future date. 

Damage Deposits?

In the controlled environment of a racing school, crashing is a rare occurrence, but it can happen.  The student is responsible for the cost of repairing any damage to FRX or track facilities and equipment caused by driver error.  To cover these costs, the student is required to post a refundable damage deposit. 

In addition, a standard pit pass waiver and statement of health, safety and financial responsibility must be signed by all FRX participants. The driver (or minor driver’s legal guardian) is always responsible for any crash expenses that exceed their damage deposit.  Damage deposits vary with car type and program level and are cash or credit card only.  No checks.  Below is a general guideline for damage deposits:

  • Thrill Rides, Dirt Track Racer & Advanced Race Car Setup
    • Tuner $300
    • Ltd. Mod $700
    • Sprint Car $1,000
  • Introduction to Race Craft & Advanced 2 Day
    • Tuner $500
    • Ltd. Mod $1,000
    • Sprint Car $1,500
  • Arrive & Drive - FRX Pro Racing Services
    • Tuner $500
    • Ltd. Mod $1,000
    • Sprint Car $1,500

Auto Racing is a dangerous activity.  Your participation may result in personal injury, damage to the equipment and even death.  The Fauver Racing Experience always puts safety first and will do our best to provide equipment that is free of defects.  However, mechanical and equipment failures can, and do occur.  No warranty, neither expressed nor implied, is given for the use of FRX vehicles and equipment. 

During any part of an Arrive & Drive - Pro Race Services event, the driver (or minor driver’s legal guardian) is fully financially responsible for ANY DAMAGE that occurs to FRX equipment as a direct result of the student operating the racecar.  This includes but is not limited to, damage arising from; mechanical failure, driver error, unavoidable contact, other driver’s errors, acts of God, “racing deals”, etc.  The student is also responsible for any damage to the track and/or racing facility during testing and FRX school days.  The student is NOT held responsible for any damage that occurs to the track and/or racing facility when participating in an actual, sanctioned pro race.  Also, the student will NOT be held responsible for a specific mechanical failure or internal motor damage if it is determined by FRX staff that it was NOT caused by blatant driver abuse or failure to follow instruction.  The driver (or minor driver’s legal guardian) is held responsible for any additional damage to the racecar that results from a mechanical or engine failure. At he discretion of FRX management, the student may be credited a portion of the program or service fee towards a future Arrive & Drive or FRX tuition only if the student missed starting a feature event due to mechanical or engine failure.