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Redline Motorsports Makes a Dream Come True for Young Girl with Cerebral Palsy

Posted by Joe Willy on

Team Dirt Dog's Redline Motorsports Makes a Dream Come True!
Hamm Family Organizes Special "Ride-a-Long" Race for Young Girl with Cerebral Palsy Redline Motorsports XC Race Team

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Springville, IN | Sept. 15, 2016 - Redline Motorsports is one of our newest Team DD members and our first in the growing ranks of cross country UTV racing. The Hamm family (Dad Jerad [driver], Mom Leanna & 16 yr. old son Kole [co-pilot]) competes in the AMA sanctioned Pro Division of XC1 UTV at tracks up to 10 miles long around the Midwest. Not only do they use their racing team as a platform to raise money and awareness for the Huntington's Disease Society of America but they always "go the extra mile" for young fans. A couple of weeks ago, they really outdid themselves in that department.

We'll let team mom Leanna tell it in her own words;

" I wanted to tell you about our amazing weekend. We met the Harwood family several months ago and they have a daughter with Cerebral palsy named Bailey. Her dad, Chad approached us and told us that she loves to go fast and would give anything for someone to give her a real ride in a UTV. He had asked others but no one would do it.

So we did and she loved it... so much that we set up a mock race for her this past weekend. We were able to connect with Rex Parker a land owner (he leases out his land for xc races) and he let us use his land to set up her special race. So we went up for the weekend and on Saturday, us and Bailey's friends and family helped us set up a track (And it was so professional! We did arrows, banners, a finish line, barrels, and the works.. a real track!)

On Sunday we had the race with 5 other UTV's and over 40 people showed up to watch and pitch in. You can tell by the expression on Bailey's face how much fun she had!

It was one of the most rewarding amazing things we have ever done and I think we are going to make it an annual thing, where we put together a UTV race for kids who cannot race and let them be the co-pilots.

I just wanted to share cause it was truly a breathtaking experience."

Leanna Hamm
Redline Motorsports

We're so damn proud to be working with such high caliber people like Redline Motorsports. Way to go guys!

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