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Dirt Dog's Husband & Wife Big Block Modified Team of Chris & Katelyn Hile Showcases Talent in Outlaw 200 at Fulton Speedway
Hile Motorsports/ Chris Hile Racing * Hile Motorsports/ Katelyn Hile Racing

With over 120 DIRTcar Big Block and Sportsman Modifieds signed into the pits, just making the feature at the 31st Annual Outlaw 200 would be challenging and finishing 200 laps on the high banked 3/8 mile is another thing entirely.Fulton, NY | Oct. 4, 2016 - Our Team Dirt Dog program was founded on the principle that talent and hard work can still succeed against high dollar racing teams. Chris & Katelyn Hile proved that last weekend at Fulton Speedway in New York.

Not only did both drivers make Saturday's Big Block feature, but Chris put on a show storming from 31st to finish 4th in the Team Dirt Dog # 5H. In just her third attempt in the historic race, Katelyn kept the # 25H on the lead lap for the majority of the first 100 laps and finished 36th overall.

Chris was up to 9th at the re-fueling break on lap 101 and may have battled for the win had rain not shortened the race on lap 188.

A very excited Chris had this to say, ""It's kind of surreal to think that this just happened in front of the same set of bleachers where I sat as a kid and watched so many amazing drivers over the years. I always dreamed of being out there racing and now my sponsors and wonderful family have helped that become a reality!"

Chris will skip Super Dirt Week at Oswego in order to carry the momentum into Charlotte, NC as the team heads for the World Finals Oct. 27-29.

31st Sunoco Fulton Ethanol Facility Outlaw 200 By SUNY Canton 200 Laps (Rain at Lap 188):

JIMMY PHELPS, Mike Mahaney, Alan Johnson, Chris Hile, Larry Wight, Tim Sears Jr., Pat Ward, Tom Sears Jr., Mat Williamson, Bobby Varin, Vic Coffey, Willy Decker, Ryan Phelps, Chad Phelps, Ronnie Johnson, Billy Whittaker, Tim Kerr, Justin Wright, Mike Bowman, Mike O’Brien, Mike Maresca, Jeff Crambo, Jimmy Davis, Claude Hutchings Jr., Alan Barker, Billy Dunn, Danny Johnson, Carey Terrance, Roy Bresnahan, Ryan Jordan, Tim Fuller, Brett Hearn, Ryan Godown, Nick Webb, Gary Tomkins, Katelyn Hile, Dave Rauscher, Chuck Bower, Mitch Gibbs, Matt Sheppard, Tommy Kinsella, Erick Rudolph, Billy Decker, Danny Varin.
Lap Leaders – Billy Decker (1-14) Vic Coffey (15-19) Matt Sheppard (20-89) Larry Wight (90-101) Jimmy Phelps (102-188 as rain ended the event).

5 Qualify – 2 Redraw
(Heat 1) – Billy Dunn, Danny Johnson, Larry Wight, Ryan Godown, Nick Webb, Joe August Jr., Chris Hile, Yan Bussiere, Brandon Walters, Tim Schneider Jr., Rick McCready, Roy Shields.
(Heat 2) – Billy Decker, Alan Johnson, Mike Bowman, Mat Williamson, Chad Phelps, Alan Barker, Mike O’Brien, Andrew Ferguson, Jean Corriveau, Roy Bresnahan, Greg Birosh, Rich Riggs.
(Heat 3) – Tim Sears Jr., Vic Coffey, Carey Terrance, Gary Tomkins, Erick Rudolph, Tommy Kinsella, Jeff Crambo, Chuck Bower, JR McGinley, Jeff Blckburn, Jimmy Davis.
(Heat 4) – Mike Mahaney, Tom Sears Jr., Ryan Jordan, Willy Decker, Katelyn Hile, Jeremy Smith, Dave Rauscher, Jim LaRock, Claude Hutchings, Otto Sitterly, John West.
(Heat 5) – Matt Sheppard, Bobby Varin, Ronnie Johnson, Billy Whittaker, Tim Kerr, Justin Wright, Brett Hearn, Rusty Smith, Nick Nye, Robbie Bellinger, Brett Tonkin.
(Heat 6) – Pat Ward, Ryan Phelps, Jimmy Phelps, Tim Fuller, Danny Varin, Mitch Gibbs, Mike Maresca, Lee Dewitt, Mario Clair, Tim Harris, Tim Murphy.

(Consolation 1) – Chris Hile, Alan Barker, Mike O’Brien, DNQ Roy Bresnahan, Andrew Ferguson, Tim Schneider Jr., Brandon Walters, Jean Corriveau, Yan Bussiere, Greg Birosh, Roy Shields, Rick McCready, Joe August Jr.
(Consolation 2) – Tommy Kinsella, Jeff Crambo, Claude Hutchings Jr., DNQ Jimmy Davis, Jeff Blackburn, Jeremy Smith, JR McGinley, Dave Rauscher, Chuck Bower, Jim LaRock, Otto Sitterly, John West.
(Consolation 3) – Mitch Gibbs, Justin Wright, Mike Maresca, DNQ Brett Hearn, Brett Tonkin, Nick Nye, Rusty Smith, Mario Clair, Tim Harris, Lee Dewitt, Tim Murphy, Rob Bellinger.

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