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15 Year Old Brown Grabs 3rd Win of 2018 at Bakersfield

Posted by Joe Willy on

J.D. "Hollywood" Brown Racing Grabs DOUBLE WINS for Team Dirt Dog at Bakersfield Speedway

Bakersfield, CA | Sept. 29, 2018 - After several "almost" 2nd place finishes over the past 2 months, 15 year old J.D. Brown finally broke through to claim his 3rd Mod Lite Feature win of 2018 and his first win at Bakersfield. To make the night even sweeter, Anthony Balcazar won the Bakersfield Speedway Mod Lite points championship in the Dirt Dog # 4 with J.D. finishing 2nd in points in the # 14.

To put this into perspective, you need to understand that the Brown team is a low dollar operation running against older racers with more experience in cars that cost over twice what his did. To help pay for his racing, J.D. sells candy and sodas from his backpack every day at high school. This kid defines what it is to be a Dirt Dog. Huge congrats to J.D. and Anthony on a great season, you've got our respect!

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