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Registered Dirt Dog Racer Annual Membership


Registered Dirt Dog Racer Membership: 

$89 per Season * Every Dirt Racer Accepted!
(Contingency Award Program only - Does not include a protected distributorship for Dirt Dog Gear.)

  1. Fill out and submit the registration form below.
  2. Select your sticker style above.
  3. Click "Add to Cart" and follow check out procedure to pay the Registration Fee.  

NOTE:  You must pay the $89 Registration Fee or your registration will not be processed. 

 You Get:

  • Jumbo Sticker Pack (36 total: 2 in. - 12 in. “Bones” or “Blue” stickers = $110 value)
  • $50 Dirt Dog Gear gift card (after submitting photos of stickers on your racer)
  • Contingency Award Program (see payout in Appendix 'A') ($25-$100 Dirt Dog Gear Gift Cards awarded for A-Main wins!  These may be given to fans or sponsors for retail use or you may use them to purchase products with your discount.)
  • 20% member discount on all Dirt Dog Gear and Gift Card purchases (even sale prices! – retail shipping rates apply)
  • 20% Discount on Dirt Dog Customs team/driver shirts  (Dirt Dog art/slogan/logo on one side & your name & car number in single color, sports jersey style on the other side.)
  • A-Main Win photos posted on Dirt Dog Media to promote you & your sponsors


    • Run Dirt Dog Gear logo stickers on at least two sides of car/bike/kart (stickers must show up in photos)
              > Flat Karts, Bikes & Non-Wing small cars must run 12 inch or larger
              > Midgets and small cars/karts with wings must run 18 inch or larger
              > Cars & Trucks must run 24 in. or larger
    • You Must Submit Victory Lane photo (showing stickers) and link to official results to claim Contingency Awards:

    Contingency Award Payout 
    You get Gift Cards for A-Main wins!  Cards may be given to fans, sponsors, etc. or you may use them yourself.  You must submit Victory Lane photos showing our stickers and official results to claim contingency awards.

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    Regional Series

    National Series

    Gift Card Award