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FRX 'Arrive & Drive' USRA Tuner Reservation

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Once a driver has satisfactorily completed the Introduction to Race Craft or Advanced Set Up Class (as a driver) or can show sufficient, prior racing experience, that individual is eligible (at the discretion of FRX staff) to drive a fully prepared, ready to win, race car in sanctioned races at select tracks. The cost includes a first-class car, complete crew, fuel, tires, and everything you need to win. You show up, hot lap, qualify, race, and keep all prize money!  The price does not include the driver’s personal safety equipment, travel costs or any expenses arising from crash damage to the racecar. In addition to the service fee, a refundable damage deposit is required for potential crash damage. Discounts, branding and/or sponsor hospitality services are available for multi-car or multi-race contracts. ARE YOU READY TO RACE?

Available “Arrive & Drive” Races

  • Multiple events are available on some dates.  At this time, we only have the ability to support Arrive & Drive at one event at a time so, 1st Paid = 1st Choice of Event
  • Your $500, $1,500 or $2,500 reservation deposit is non-refundable and applies towards the service fee.
  • Balance Due must be paid NO LATER than 7 days prior to your 1st reserved race date or you may lose your reservation.  Damage Deposit may be paid/brought on day of race or test session.
  • Service fees include fuel, tires, crew and coaching for all days of the specified weekend or date group.
  • Service fees do not include the driver’s personal safety equipment or travel expenses.
ECMP = Elk City Motorsports Park in Elk City, OK
All fees listed below require an additional, cash or card damage deposit.
The amount of damage deposit required may vary with event type.


OMG!  What’s the matter with you?  Just kidding!  Spinouts are common and usually result in no damage.  Crashes (where the racecar impacts something else) are very rare, but they can happen.  Our first priority is your wellbeing!  Once we know you are OK, we’ll get to work assessing the damage to the car, facility and/or any other vehicles or equipment that may be involved, the total cost of repairing said damage and the reason(s) for the crash.  The decision of FRX personnel on these matters is final.  If the total cost of repairing all damage exceeds your damage deposit, you will be required to pay the balance due or sign a payment agreement before leaving the track.  Failure to do so may result in your credit card being charged for the total amount due.  Usually, your damage deposit will be enough to cover the cost of repairs.  Typically, we can repair a car fairly quickly.  In the rare event that we can’t repair the car and don’t have a functional spare, you will have the option of completing your laps in a different car type or at a future date. 


In the controlled environment of a racing school, crashing is a rare occurrence, but it can happen.  The student is responsible for the cost of repairing any damage to FRX or track facilities and equipment caused by driver error.  To cover these costs, the student is required to post a refundable damage deposit. 

In addition, a standard pit pass waiver and statement of health, safety and financial responsibility must be signed by all FRX participants. The driver (or minor driver’s legal guardian) is always responsible for any crash expenses that exceed their damage deposit.  Damage deposits vary with car type and program level and are cash or credit card only.  No checks.  Below is a general guideline for damage deposits:

    • Arrive & Drive - FRX Pro Racing Services
      • Tuner $500
      • Modified $1,000
      • Sprint Car $1,500

Auto Racing is a dangerous activity.  Your participation may result in personal injury, damage to the equipment and even death.  The Fauver Racing Experience always puts safety first and will do our best to provide equipment that is free of defects.  However, mechanical and equipment failures can, and do occur.  No warranty, neither expressed nor implied, is given for the use of FRX vehicles and equipment. 

During any part of an Arrive & Drive - Pro Race Services event, the driver (or minor driver’s legal guardian) is fully financially responsible for ANY DAMAGE that occurs to FRX equipment as a direct result of the student operating the racecar.  This includes but is not limited to, damage arising from; mechanical failure, driver error, unavoidable contact, other driver’s errors, acts of God, “racing deals”, etc.  The student is also responsible for any damage to the track and/or racing facility during testing and FRX school days.  The student is NOT held responsible for any damage that occurs to the track and/or racing facility when participating in an actual, sanctioned pro race.  Also, the student will NOT be held responsible for a specific mechanical failure or internal motor damage if it is determined by FRX staff that it was NOT caused by blatant driver abuse or failure to follow instruction.  The driver (or minor driver’s legal guardian) is held responsible for any additional damage to the racecar that results from a mechanical or engine failure. At he discretion of FRX management, the student may be credited a portion of the program or service fee towards a future Arrive & Drive or FRX tuition only if the student missed starting a feature event due to mechanical or engine failure.  

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