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Team Dirt Dog Policies & Strategies

Welcome to Team Dirt Dog!

Congratulations on becoming a member of our team!  In addition to global exposure and PR on Dirt Dog Media, you now receive wholesale pricing on Dirt Dog Gear.  You will earn roughly $7-$10 on every t-shirt you sell at suggested retail pricing and even more on hoodies!  Our experience shows that a TDD distributor will earn $50-$400 profit per race night.

** NOTE:  Now that you have been accepted to the program, you must submit your deposit or place your first order within 24 hours of your confirmation date.  Due to the high volume of applications, we can not hold a track without an order or deposit.**

  1. Please review our Policies and Ordering Strategies below.
  2. Be sure to order your free car & trailer stickers with your first order or anytime you need replacements.
  3. You may order your sales banner(s) through us or we will provide personalized art files for you to take to your own printer.  Click on the product icon to order or contact us for the art files.


Normally, we will promote Team Dirt Dog Distributors to a Merchant Account once your cumulative order total has surpassed $4,000.  Merchant Accounts are a permanent designation (no need to re-qualify each year) and receive an additional 20% discount off wholesale (you earn 45%-62% profit margins) plus other perks.  If you plan on purchasing over $2,500 in product in your initial order, CONTACT US FIRST so we can set up a Merchant Account for you.

Contact us anytime if you need help or ideas on how to increase your sales.  We only succeed if you succeed!

Be sure to send us photos, videos and updates on any top finishes, success stories or charitable/inspirational activities throughout the season.  Send all info to: 

If your media files are too many or too big for email (e.g. video), please contact us and we will provide a personal cloud storage folder for you on Drop Box.

Contact Us at:  or call 423-888-6409
Monday-Saturday | 10am-10pm ET

Policies & Strategies:

We only allow one, primary distributor per track or series.  We want you to be successful and see no benefit from “flooding the market” with distributors.

However, we've learned that the more the fans see the Dirt Dog brand/logo at your track, the more they will buy.  So, you may elect to enlist other driver(s) from a different track (near you) to sell your merchandise.  They order through you to increase your volume and help you work towards the Merchant pricing level (see details below).  Once you reach the Merchant Pricing threshold ($4K in wholesale orders), you keep the difference between the Distributor pricing and your Merchant cost (approx. $2-$5 per shirt). Contact us with any questions.  We are open to any ideas you may have to help increase your sales and build your business.

Traveling Teams & Where You Can Sell:

We have structured the program so that you will rarely be “competing” for sales with other distributors.  But, the possibility exists that another Team Dirt Dog distributor may visit your home track during high profile events.  Similarly, if you are a traveling team, you may encounter a local Team DD distributor at a track you visit.  When this occurs, anything goes on the track but we want you to "play nice together" relative to selling Dirt Dog Gear.  Unless it creates a significant conflict, any team is allowed to sell from their trailer in the pits at any track at which they are actively competing that day.  A traveling team may not sell in or near the grandstands without the approval of the "home team" (if any) and permission from the track owner or promoter.  Several teams have found it very advantageous to combine their inventories and work together from one booth, especially at larger events.  REMEMBER, WE ARE A TEAM!  This works because, with over 60 designs to choose from, it will be very unlikely that two distributors will be carrying the same selection of merchandise. 

Ordering Strategies:

 We understand that trailer space is scarce and want you to avoid getting over stocked.  Sizes and designs sell differently around the country and some designs and slogans are more "family friendly" than others.  Use you knowledge of your market to order wisely.  

If you are selling out of your trailer/pits, it is probably more practical for you to only carry 3-5 designs.  If you will have a booth or display in or near the grandstands, we strongly recommend that you start with at least 5-7 designs/styles and grow from there because more choices attract more attention to your display!  Also, Spring and Fall are the best times to sell hoodies so plan accordingly.

We strongly recommend that you order a wide variety of designs in smaller quantities instead of loading up on a few designs.  You should rotate your inventory as frequently as possible and get at least one new design each time you order.  Running out of a size or style is NOT a bad thing!  A big part of our success comes from training our fans to "buy it when they see it" because it may not be in stock next week.  Also, if fans see the same inventory week after week they tend to stop visiting your display.  We want them running to see you to see what's new!  

It is not as important for a traveling team to rotate your inventory as frequently since you will constantly be seeing new fans each week.  We recommend that traveling teams test market each new design in 10-20 packs then increase your re-order quantities when you find the hot sellers for your region or series.  

Exchanges for Defects:

We do our best to provide the highest quality products, but occasionally, a defect may slip past us.  If you ever receive an item with a print or garment flaw, just contact us and we will replace it promptly. 

Please Allow 7-10 Days for Standard US Delivery and 2-3 Weeks for International Shipping. 


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