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The Team Dirt Dog Program

Founded by Racers for Racers

“If all we wanted to do was sell more shirts, we would put our products in the big, commercial merchandising trailers and shopping malls like all the other apparel companies.  That has never been our primary goal.  Our mission is to help racers.” – Joe McConnell CEO Dirt Dog Industries

Most National Sponsors Only Sign High Profile Racers with Lots of Wins.

We're Different!

We Want to Make You that Racer.


Do You Need More Money, Exposure, Fans and Sponsors?
Are You Willing to Invest a Little Extra Time & Effort to Get That?
It's Simple.  You Make Money Selling Dirt Dog Gear at Your Track/Series and We Give You Worldwide Exposure on Dirt Dog Media.

Buy Wholesale & Sell Retail
Invest $500 Now & Earn Up to $5k Each Season Selling Dirt Dog Gear
Distributors Can Even Order Items Not Available on the Retail Store!

plus you get:
Free Global Exposure
Discounts on Custom Driver's Apparel
Free Web Store to Sell Your Personal Driver Apparel
Sponsor Acquisition Tools & Training
& More!

Now entering our fourth year, Team Dirt Dog is a unique, sponsorship program that combines contingency awards and fundraising opportunities with marketing, merchandising and media services.  The program is driven by allowing racing teams to sell Dirt Dog Gear merchandise at the track in order to generate additional funding for racing expenses. In exchange for helping us grow our brand, we offer our team members global exposure via Dirt Dog Media and an array of free and deeply discounted, marketing and media services.  We will consider any dirt track racer in any division anywhere on the planet but will be VERY SELECTIVE in who we work with!

The Problem & Our Solution

Racing is a business.  The problem is that most racers don’t treat it that way.  Too many racers think that companies should give them money to support their hobby but are unable or unwilling to deliver any return on the investment of a sponsor.  Just slapping a sticker on your car is no longer a cost effective marketing expense for any business.  There are far too many other ways in which a company can spend their advertising budget.  Successful motorsports marketing (sponsorship) now requires clear and specific strategies coupled with a comprehensive media plan to drive exposure and results.

We all know that upper level, cash sponsorship is based on name recognition of the driver.  Just being talented is no longer enough to land a deal.  Some of it could depend on who you know but what is much more important is... WHO KNOWS OF YOU?  

So, how do you get that name recognition?  Traditionally, you need to spend a ton of money and several years winning championships and high profile events to get noticed.  Or, you can partner with us.  

Big budget teams have dedicated personnel for marketing & promotions, multimedia, sponsor acquisition, graphic design, merchandising, web/social media management and press releases.  But, our sport is sustained by 90% small teams with the families working 2-3 jobs just to get to the track.  We think it's time for all dirt racers to have affordable access to the marketing, merchandising and media tools they need to compete with the high dollar outfits and Team Dirt Dog is our solution.

We Support the Sport

Every day, we work on new ways to improve and grow our sport.  Since our humble beginnings in 2009, our mission has always been to promote and unify dirt track/speedway racing around the world.  In addition to providing global dirt news and entertainment, we feel the best way to help the sport… is to help the racers.  Our staff has over 40 years of sales, marketing and media experience.  You focus on winning on the track and we’ll help you with everything else.

Tap Into Our Media & Marketing Power!

We've spent the past eight years building Dirt Dog into a global media source and the leading lifestyle brand for dirt track racing.  We expect to double our scope again in 2018 and want to make the power of our media reach and marketing knowledge available to select teams and their sponsors.

Dirt Dog Media Links


We Let You Buy as Few as 10 Items per Design (at wholesale) and Provide National Marketing to Generate Customers... for YOU!



What You Do:

  • Represent and sell Dirt Dog Gear at your races and on your social media (buy wholesale and sell at retail).
  • Display our Team Dirt Dog graphics or stickers on your car/bike/truck and trailer (conditions apply)
  • Generate positive exposure for the Dirt Dog brands online and at the track

 What You Get:

  • Full season of global PR on Dirt Dog Media (to grow your name recognition and social media)
  • Earn $1,000-$5,000 for your 2017 racing budget ($7-$10 per shirt & $13-$18 on hoodies)
  • Order from 60+ styles of tees & hoodies plus exclusive access to Team Dirt Dog items only available from you!
  • Monthly sales contests and performance incentives
  • Contingency awards for A-Main wins ($50-$250 Gift Cards)
  • Increased exposure & promotion w/ measurable results (ROI) for your other sponsors
  • More training, tools and credibility to approach & secure bigger sponsors
  • Huge discounts on custom driver merchandise plus graphic design, video services & MORE!

     Limited Opportunity  *  Lock in Your Track or Series Now  *  First Approved = First Choice!
    If you are unfamiliar with our apparel, please browse the store at the top of this page.
    (We Have Over 60 Tees & Hoodies Available & More New Items Coming in 2017.)

    Team Dirt Dog Requirements:  

    • Well maintained, sharp looking race car/bike/truck/kart
    • Top 10 capable machine & driver (Convince us you've got talent even if your record doesn't show it.)
    • Must be Fan Friendly (no jerks or prima donnas!)
    • Willing and able to follow instruction and give extra effort for extra rewards
    • Ability to immediately open an account with a $500 deposit or purchase $500+ of Dirt Dog Gear inventory (30-50 shirts/hoodies at Wholesale) or be approved for our free, 6 mos. “Same as Cash” financing through Pay Pal.  

    Not Ready to Invest in Inventory Right Now?
    Try our Registered Dirt Dog Driver Program.  Everyone is Accepted!  Apply Here: Registered Driver Program

    Being a Dirt Dog Gear distributor is not a requirement to get involved with us.  If you are not able to start selling Dirt Dog Gear now, you can still enjoy many benefits by signing up for our Registered Dirt Dog Program.  All dirt racers are accepted and we’ll even help you raise money to become a distributor through our Affiliate Marketing Program.   But, to be a full member of Team Dirt Dog (TDD), you must be an active distributor.  The TDD program is centered on helping qualified racers advance their careers and generate additional funding through retail sales of Dirt Dog Gear.  Merchandising revenue will fuel our continued growth and new projects (website, mobile app, ipTV network, etc.) plus the top performing Team Dirt Dog members will be given first consideration for increased sponsorship in 2018. 

    In 2016, our top racer/distributor earned over $4,000 profit and our average racer/distributor pocketed $1,179.   

    NOTE:  Even if an item is "sold out" on the online retail store, it is most likely still available to you as a distributor.  Our strategy with our Limited Edition designs is to "seed the market" with online sales then remove items from the store in order to drive customers to you.

    How to Generate $$$ with Dirt Dog Gear: 

    Let’s be honest.  This program will not make you (or us) rich.  But done properly, the Team Dirt Dog distributor program will earn you an extra $50-$500 per race night and give you the credibility of having a national level sponsor.  We’ll supply you with training, marketing materials and die-cut decals for your car and trailer provided you are willing to put forth some extra effort.  If any of that will help you… keep reading. 


    The two biggest risks of trying to print and sell your own shirts are needing to buy a large quantity to get a decent production price and not knowing if people will like the design.  You could be stuck with dozens of unsold shirts at the end of the season. Additionally, if you race the same track(s) week after week, sales tend to drop off sharply after mid season because you don't have anything new to offer.  We solve all those problems by providing you a wide variety of proven sellers in very low quantities.  You may order as few as 10 items in any given design.  This allows you to rotate your inventory with fresh, new designs every time you order!  Selling out is a good thing!  Only carrying small quantities of each design trains the consumers/fans to "buy it now" because you might not have it next week.  

    You may select one track or series as your “territory”.  If you are accepted, you have 24 hours to open an account with a $500 deposit or place a minimum wholesale order of $500 in merchandise in order to lock in your distributorship for your track or series.   You may opt out at any time but you will be required to sign a simple distributor/representation agreement outlining basic terms and conditions of membership in the program. Team Dirt Dog retains the right to remove teams/drivers from the program for non-performance or conduct unbecoming to our brand.  Please contact us first if your average weekly attendance is under 400 fans.  We will analyze whether or not this program will work for you.

    Definition of Traveling Series:
    (Exceptions may be made to these definitions at the sole discretion of Dirt Dog management.)

    • A Regional Series is defined as; any traveling group/sanctioning body that schedules races in at least three states or at five tracks per season.
    • A National Series is defined as; any traveling group that schedules races in at least five states or at ten tracks per season.

    **NOTE:  Applications are reviewed in the order received.  First to apply get first consideration.  If you are accepted, you must be prepared to place your deposit or first wholesale order within 24 hours of your acceptance date.  Due to the high volume of applications, we can not hold a track without an order while other qualified racers are turned away.**

    Claim Your Track or Series "Sales Territory" and Build Your Business!

    It is important to act now because we are limiting the number of primary distributors to one per track or series and only 75 racers worldwide for 2017.  We want you to be successful and see no benefit from “flooding the market” with distributors.  Follow the instructions below under "How to Apply".  Once you have been approved and have “locked in” your track or series by placing the initial, $500 deposit or minimum order, you may elect to have another driver at your track apply for Team Dirt Dog to work with you (usually from a different racing division).  If they are accepted, they then order through you to increase your volume and help you work towards our monthly sales contests and the deeper discounts of the Merchant Pricing level (see details below).  This works because we offer so many different designs for different car types.  But, you should only consider adding another team member at your track if weekly attendance and/or car counts will allow for two distributors (Avg. 1,500 or more weekly fans). 

    We have structured the program so that you will rarely be “competing” for sales with other distributors.  But, the possibility exists for another Team Dirt Dog distributor to visit your home track during high profile events.  Similarly, if you are a traveling team, you may encounter a local Team DD distributor at a track you visit.  When this occurs, anything goes on the track but we want you to "play nice together" relative to selling Dirt Dog Gear.  It works because, with 40-60 designs to choose from, it will be very unlikely that two distributors will be carrying the same selection of merchandise.  Also, apparel is just the first line of products from Dirt Dog Gear… many more items will be added throughout the season!

    Be Creative:

    In addition to making money from retail sales, there are many other benefits you can generate with your Dirt Dog Gear merchandise and gift cards:

    • Use for Fan & Sponsor “give-away” at the track (autograph ‘em!)
    • Prizes for social media contests to generate more fans and engagement
    • Build more value into your sponsor packages by offering sponsor promotions online and at the track with DD Gear as prizes!

    Hats, Koozies, Posters & More Coming Soon

    Start Making $$ with Merchandising Today
    Get Inventory Now & Pay in 6 Months with Our Pay Pal Credit Option! 
    (o.a.c. - US teams only)
    Low Minimum Order per Design (10 Shirts) - New Designs Every Month
    Additional Discounts on Pre-Orders of New Designs

    How It Works:

    Annual Participation Levels  

    1.  Registered Dirt Dog Driver Membership:
         $79 Registration fee

         (No Dirt Dog Gear distributorship) 

         Click Here to Apply: Registered Driver Application

    • Jumbo Sticker Pack (36 total: 2 in. - 12 in. “Bones” or “Blue” stickers = $110 value)
    • $50 Dirt Dog Gear gift card (after submitting photos of stix on your racer)
    • Contingency Award Program (see payout in Appendix 'A') ($25-$100 Dirt Dog Gear Gift Cards awarded for A-Main wins may be given to fans or sponsors for retail use or you may use them to purchase products with your discount.)
    • 20% member discount on all Dirt Dog Gear and Gift Card purchases (even sale prices! – retail shipping rates apply)
    • Wholesale pricing on personalized Dirt Dog shirts  (Registered Dirt Dog logo on one side & your team design on the other as low as $8.00 ea. + design fee ~ Low Minimum order!)
    • Affiliate Rewards Program (earn 15% commission/credit for posting personal links to
    • A-Main Win photos posted on Dirt Dog Media to promote you & your sponsors

           Registered Dirt Dog Driver Requirements

      • Run the provided stickers on at least two sides of car/bike/kart (must show up in photos)
      •      Flat Karts, Bikes & Non-Wing small cars must run 8 inch or longer
      •      Midgets and small cars/karts with wings must run 12 inch or longer
      •      Cars & Trucks must run 12 in. or 16 in.
      • Submit Victory Lane photo (showing stickers) and link to official results to claim Contingency Awards


        2.  Team Dirt Dog Distributor:
             $500 - $2,499 initial wholesale order

        Click Here to Apply: Team Dirt Dog Distributor Application

        You make 35%-45% profit margin on retail sales of Dirt Dog Gear apparel.  (Earn $7-$10 on every shirt you sell at suggested retail and $12-$14 on hoodies plus you get bulk shipping rates  Use discounted Gift Cards for fan contests, sponsor incentives, etc.)

        Wholesale Pricing on our Exclusive Merchandising Programs:

        Dirt Dog Customs; driver's shirts, hats, hoodies, etc.
        (Team Dirt Dog logo on one side & your team design on the other as low as $6 per shirt + design fee or you provide your art - low minim order!)

          Personalized Dirt Dog Gear 
          (Your name & car number or team logo on the sleeve of any Dirt Dog apparel for only $2-3 additional per shirt – Super Low 20 shirt min. order)
            Exclusive Team Dirt Dog design collection 
            (New designs not available online to general public - only available through TDD members!)

              “Fresh Dirt” - Rotating Limited Edition Driver’s Shirts 
              (Why have one shirt when you can have 4-8 different ones for the same price?  You order 100, 200 or 300 shirts and get your custom driver’s art on one side with small quantities (25-75 units) of exclusive, brand new Team Dirt Dog designs/slogans on other side delivered every 2-4 weeks... you choose from 2-3 new designs as they are released each month!)

              TDD Distributors also receive:

              • Driver’s Web Store right here on (for your personal merchandise | $50-$100 set up fee)
              • Affiliate Rewards Program (earn 20% commission/credit for posting personal links to
              • Contingency Award program (see Appendix 'A' below)
                ($50-$250 Dirt Dog Gear Gift Cards for A-Main wins may be given to fans or sponsors for retail use or you may use them to purchase products at wholesale.)
              • A-Main Win photo/video posted on all Dirt Dog Media properties to promote you and your sponsors plus monthly driver updates & promo
              • 40-60% Discount on Dirt Dog Media advertising rates (re-sell advertising/promotions/special offers to your sponsors and keep the profit!)

                3.  Team Dirt Dog Merchant:
                $2,500+ initial wholesale order or $4k over time

                     Apply Here: Team Dirt Dog Merchant Application  

                • Do you race more than 6 times per month or at a track/series with average attendance over 2,500 fans?  
                • Do you already have a merchandising trailer or have you thought about getting one?  
                • Do you operate a speed shop or other appropriate retail location?
                • Merchant Accounts offer you everything in Level 2 plus an additional ~20% discount off regular wholesale pricing (giving you a 45%-60% retail profit margin) and other perks.  We'll help you start and/or grow your business to add $10K-$20K in annual revenue!  Our Merchant Pricing is based on your annual order volume.  Start at Merchant Pricing NOW with a minimum initial order of $2,500 or get there over time when you reach $4,000 in total orders.  Once any distributor reaches $4K in total wholesale orders, they will automatically be promoted to a Merchant Account.  If you plan to order over $2,500 and start out as a merchant, please contact us first so we can enable your account for merchant pricing.

                Distributors Outside the USA Receive Additional Discounts Up to 15% Off Regular Wholesale Pricing to Compensate for Shipping Costs and Exchange Rates!  


                Appendix A

                Contingency Award Payout 
                Approved drivers get Gift Cards for A-Main wins!  Cards may be given to fans, sponsors or you may use them towards your wholesale orders.  You must submit Victory Lane photos showing our stickers and official results to claim contingency awards.

                Race Type>>


                Regional Series

                National Series

                Registered Dirt Dog Driver




                Team DD Distributor/Merchant





                Do You Already Have Dirt Dog Stickers on Your Racer or Ran Them Last Season?
                Upload Pics Showing Stickers with Your Application for Special Consideration!


                Email Us:
                Call Us:  904-438-4327 
                Mon. - Sat. | Noon-9pm ET

                How to Apply:

                1. Click the link to fill out the Team Dirt Dog application form: Team Dirt Dog Application
                  (We are reviewing applicants immediately and will reply with our decision within 7 days.)
                2. Create a Dirt Dog Gear Account by clicking on “Create Account” button on the top right of any page on or (You must do this for any program level and even if you have ordered from Dirt Dog Gear before.)
                3. If you are accepted to the Team, you will need to immediately place a deposit or wholesale order of $500 or more to lock in your territory.* 
                  (Does not apply to 
                  Registered Dirt Dog applicants)
                4. US drivers/teams may apply for "Bill Me Later" 6 mos. financing during checkout of your first order.  It is very simple (name, email and last 4 of SSN) and you will get an answer in 60 sec. or less!

                What You Will Need to Begin Making $$

                You can always start by just accepting cash, but a free Pay Pal account may allow you to accept debit & credit cards on your mobile device.

                • Register for a Pay Pal account (free)

                • Apply for the “Pay Pal Here” mobile app & card reader(s) to accept credit/debit cards on a phone/tablet. (Accepting credit cards increases sales 20-30% and makes you more professional.)
                1. Download the free app to your phone or tablet from Google Play or iTunes App Store
                2. Follow in-app instructions to complete approval process
                3. Request free card readers from Pay Pal (888-221-1161)
              • Folding Table(s), Zip Lock Bags, Plastic Storage Tubs, 1-2 dry erase boards ($60-$100 total cost) 
              • Recommended: 6ft Dirt Dog Banner, EZ Up tent, plastic hangers and display racks
              • We’ll provide you free ad graphics for online promotion & artwork for printed banners & flyers                         
                • Free Financing for Distributors!

                  6 Months “Same as Cash” with Pay Pal Credit (oac – US distributors only)
                  Click Link to Get Pre-Approved | No Lengthy Forms | 60 sec. Approval 

                  >> PAY PAL CREDIT <<









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