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Team Dirt Dog Push Truck Shirts & Hoodies

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Dirt Dogs... we're a different breed.

We wanted a way to say "thank you" to all you hard working pushers around the world and help you present a unified, professional appearance.

We are offering these High Visibility shirts at our cost (with your approved registration) as a form of sponsorship in exchange for your promise to run Team Dirt Dog stickers on your push trucks for a year. (see photos below)  We will supply two 24"-36" stickers for each of your trucks with your minimum order of 15 shirts!  

You may order as many shirts as you wish.  Use them for fundraisers, prizes for online contests or anything you like that will benefit your push truck drivers.  

Please allow 2 weeks for Standard US Delivery and 3+ weeks for International Shipping.

No Art, Set Up or Screen Fees
15 Shirt Minimum to receive discount
30 Shirt Min. for Custom Logo

Tees from $10 ea. | "Dry Blend" Sport Shirts from $15 ea. (after approved discount)
Available in Adult SML - 5XL

Regular Team Dirt Dog Push Truck items (no track/series name) are available anytime with no minimum order but you must register and be approved to receive the discount!

Click Here for Registration Page:  TDD Push Truck Registration

Once your application is approved, we will provide a Discount Code based on your order quantity:

15 - 49 shirts = 60% Discount Code
($10 Tees | $15 Sport Shirts)
50 - 99 shirts = 63% Discount Code
($9.25 tees | $13.88 Sport Shirts)
100+ shirts = 65% Discount Code
($8.75 tees | $13.13 Sport Shirts)