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Team Dirt Dog Push Truck Decals

Team Dirt Dog Push Truck Decals



In exchange for getting your shirts at cost, you agree to have at least 2 Team Dirt Dog logo stickers on each push vehicle for this season.  Please place them at least one per side positions that are readable from the grandstands and the infield (24" or longer). We want the logos to show up in photos!  

Please limit your order to 2-3 stickers per push truck.  In case of wear or damage, we will provide replacements free of charge at any time.  We can also provide smaller stickers for interior or windshield placement to show up in videos (for pushers that record on-board, Go Pro style video).  Just email us at:

CONDITIONS: Do not sell or give away these stickers!  Team Dirt Dog stickers are for the exclusive use of branding your push vehicles.  Do not reproduce these logos or use them for any purposes other than branding your push truck without our permission. 



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